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Baldwin County Probate Attorney

Handling an Estate After a Loved One's Death in Alabama

At the Law Office of James V. Roberts, P.C., we know that dealing with a loved one's death can be extremely difficult, which is why we treat the associated legal matters with the utmost compassion and respect.

If you have been named the personal representative, executor or administrator of an estate, an experienced attorney can walk you through the complexities of estate administration and probate.

Contact us online or call our Baldwin County office at 251-259-4548 to arrange a consultation.

Spanish Fort, Alabama, Estate Administration Attorney

During this highly emotional time, an experienced Baldwin County probate lawyer can ease some of your burdens by ensuring your loved one's estate is administered efficiently and in accordance with Alabama law. Whether your family member had a will or left no documentation of his or her final wishes, Jim Roberts can guide you through the process.

What if My Family Member Did Not Leave a Will Behind?

If your loved one did not have a will, we will gather as much information about his or her assets and all potential beneficiaries. All estate administration and probate activities take place in the Baldwin County and Mobile County probate courts, which the Law Office of James V. Roberts, will deal directly with on your behalf. Alabama requires an inventory, an accounting, and a bond in instances where a will is not present.

Probating a Will in Alabama

If your family member had a will, attorney Jim Roberts will work to obtain consents and waivers from all heirs and will attempt to have the will probated without hearing. If we are unable to locate heirs or there are contested matters, a probate hearing will take place in which any party may bring up issues such as allegations of fraud, forgery and incompetency.

Contact our will and probate law firm if you are in need of assistance following the death of a loved one. We will work with financial consultants, accountants, appraisers, surveyors and other professionals in order to most effectively administer your family member's estate.

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